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Over the duration of three very long days and nights, our world leading Graffiti Artist and Team created an incredible piece of graffiti art in 3d. The piece was based on Mullers new Television advert and featured numerous childrens characters including the Mr Men, Yogi Bear and Kitt from the Knight Rider series. The art which was completed with nothing but aerosol paint was painted on a huge 100 square metre canvas that was fixed to a man made wall and floor stage. The piece was the World's first piece of anamorphic graffiti art. Anamorphism is a trick of the eye optical illusion created by painting a piece from one point of perspective. When a person stands at the required point the wall and floor merge to create the illusion of 3d. The advert was a real challenge but the results were spectacular! The artwork gained lots of public interest and the day the artwork was completed a team of brand ambassadors gave away 10,000 Muller yoghurts and the artwork was also shown in media coverage across the UK.

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