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August 03 2017


Camelot’s Good Cause’s team works closely with Wire Media PR Agency to generate publicity for The National Lottery’s contribution to good causes, charities and sports funding. 2014 is the 20th anniversary of sports funding from the National Lottery and the Good Causes Team wanted to create a big splash to raise awareness of the success of British sportspeople as a result of the funding.
Wire Media and Camelot decided to highlight the funding work through the use of bespoke 3d pavement art that can create an interesting photo opportunity for Team GB athletes to pose with and that can also be used as an attraction by the public to create engagement and online sharing.

Wire Media put together a tender document and made contact with several 3d street artists in the U.K and asked the companies to demonstrate their capability to deliver a highly effective campaign that could be used around the UK to deliver experiential marketing interest, online engagement and also encourage free media coverage. After successfully demonstrating their experience, talent and enthusiasm for delivering effective and exciting brand experiences with 3d pavement art, Street Advertising Services were chosen to help Wire PR create the artwork and deliver the campaign.


Camelot and Wire Media had three prime objectives to meet to judge the campaign as successful:

Free Media Coverage of each event to deliver the brand’s campaign key messages

Create positive brand sentiment and increased awareness of The National Lottery’s contribution to sport funding within the U.K through experiential marketing activity.

Online Social Media engagement with, shares, likes, tweets, views and reach being measured.


After being provided with a detailed brief, Street Advertising Services team of street artists began creating sketches of possible 3d street art pictures that would be interactive, entertaining, engaging and exciting. They needed to create a 3d picture

that could be posed on by any athlete and or member of public that conveyed the general sport theme but wasn’t too specific to one type of sport.
After many sketches and design meetings the picture was ready to paint.
To ensure the artwork would be seen throughout the U.K, the artwork was painted on a waterproof vinyl that could stand up to high footfall.

Wire Media wanted the 3d artwork to be seen across the U.K so arranged a series
of 1-day events across the U.K that were in high footfall locations and also arranged for a local athlete to pose with the artwork to create a local news element. Experiential activity was encouraged by the chance to win a free iPad at each event. Any member of the public had the chance to win an iPad by uploading a photo of themselves to their own social media accounts and the activity was linked and tracked by using #lottothanks across all accounts.
Members of the press and photographers and broadcasters were invited by Wire Media to attend the event to capture the photo opportunity and interview the athlete or athletes in attendance.


The 3d street art campaign exceeded expectations for all three objectives:

1. Free Media coverage:
The campaign was featured in the local press and some national press at all of the visited locations and in addition it was also featured in BBC and ITV news along with

local radio. The total number of articles and interviews was sixteen across thirteen publications on and offline throughout four locations.
The estimated Advertising Value Equivalency is estimated at £100k+

Over five hundred members of the public had their photograph taken at the events and thousands of people viewed the artwork over the four days. A lot of the photos were also taken and uploaded onto the National Lottery’s social media pages.

Social Media engagement was very high for the campaign, and photos, tweets and comments were made across all forms of social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube..

Total reach is estimated at 6 million impressions over 30 days with over 1.2million accounts reached and circa 500 Retweets, tweets or uploads.

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