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3D Street Art fascinates people and creates a natural opportunity for brand engagement either in real life or online. Use our talented and experienced street artists to create 3D Street Art for your brand, winning consumer engagement and media attention with an exciting visual campaign in a busy public space

What is 3d Street Art?

Also known as anamorphic art or trompe l’oeil, the 3D effect is eye-catching and highly engaging, encouraging passers-by to interact with it and upload their photographs to social media. Watching a skilled pavement artist at work is a fascinating experience, too – check out our gallery of 3d street art pictures to see for yourself!

3d Street Artists UK

Street Advertising Services are the UK and Europe’s leading 3D street artists, famous for drawing stunning three-dimensional optical illusions in chalk for our clients. We provide a complete solution from concept and design creation through to delivery, event organisation, viral video creation and advice on handling your brand’s increased press and publicity.

How to use 3d street art at your launch or experiential event

Only a handful of artists around the world are able to create convincing 3D street art. Sidewalk artist celebrities like Kurt Wenner, Julian Beever, Manfred Stader and Edgar Muller live outside the UK and are shockingly expensive to commission. But Street Advertising Services is a UK based company with years of experience creating impressive 3D art for advertising campaigns and public events. We understand the commercial side of your business and the best way to get the results you want with 3D pavement art.

3d pavement art is the new king of experiential marketing. Find out why here