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Clean Advertising or reverse graffiti is an advertising technique where your logo or message is cleaned onto the pavement in order to raise brand awareness or increase sales.
We create a stencil and place it onto a paving stone, the stencil is then washed using an industrial strength pressure cleaner which cleans the surface through the stencil. When the stencil is removed your design can be seen clearly.
The recommended size is 750mm which is the size of the average paving stone.
Clean Advertising works best on standard flag stones. It does not work on dark granite or tarmac.
If you provide the locations for us we will place them as accurately as possible. If a specific area isn’t suitable we will source the next best place. We only place Clean Ads on public property unless you have already obtained permission from the owner of the location.
As the method is essentially just cleaning the pavement it is not classed at ‘graffiti’. This method causes zero damage to the flag stones and the design can be easily removed.
All of our Clean Advertising Campaigns are carried out without obtaining prior permission from local authorities. If you do want to obtain advance permission from the council we would advise you to seek permission directly.
In the extremely unlikely event of a complaint being made then remind the complainant that no damage has been made whatsoever and that the design will eventually fade. If you are told to remove the adverts we offer this service.
We offer a removal service for an additional £500+VAT per 25 ads.
You will need to provide your own artwork we can however advise you around best practice.
Design should be saved as a black and white JPGBlack being the cut out area where the design is clean, white being the remaining dirty pavement.
The minimum amount is 25 per city. If you are interested in running the campaign in multiple cities we can sometimes spread the adverts over different locations. If you require more than 25 adverts and more than one city we would be happy to offer you a discount based on multiple
Clean Advertising starts at £1,600+VAT per 25 ads per city.
Unfortunately we cannot place Clean Advertisements in Leeds, Glasgow or Edinburgh.
It is difficult to say how long each set will last as it does depend on footfall but it is usually from 1 week to 10 days.
If you have a specific location in mind then please send us the details and we will do an online research to determine if the area is suitable for Clean. If the surface area is not suitable we will find somewhere as close to your original choice as possible.