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Grass Advertising or Field Advertising can deliver your brand significant free media coverage and attention for minimal outlay creating a highly profitable return in investment for your marketing spend.


What is Grass Advertising and how we can create it for you?

We are the company responsible for creating the world’s biggest shave for Gillette. We designed and produced a 3000 sq metre grass advert depicting Roger Federer’s face which was then shaved. The stunt gained coverage in The Telegraph, Metro and BBC as well as thousands of stories on blogs and social media. Street Advertising Services are the UK’s most experienced creator of Grass Advertising. We use the latest technology and bio-degradable paints to create colourful and eyecatching logos and adverts with almost photo like clarity.

Utilising a specially created paint, we create a stencil of your product, then spray it onto the grass. The paint is non- toxic and does no harm to the grass or the environment.

Whether it’s a huge banner created in a field by the side of the motorway or on a sports pitch or grass verges. We can produce an end to end campaign for you, Design, planning, production and aerial photography can all be achieved in producing this very special advertising