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Green Screen Photography is an excellent way of engaging with consumers or delegates. We have a slick and professional process that can be carried out at any event or experiential marketing campaign.

Our team encourage consumers to stand on the our special green screen and then we superimpose them onto any background or created and branded environment, from rocket ships in space through to competing with famous athletes. The photos are printed instantly and are available to instantly share on Social media or by email. Green screen photography is an excellent method for encouraging interaction and data capturing consumers details for marketing. Our Green Screen Photographers can create something special for your live event, outdoor advertising campaign or PR and publicity stunt. Our team are the best in the UK and we have worked with hundreds of the biggest brands across the globe. We can design and create fun and interactive photos aimed at encouraging maximum participation and sharing. Contact us today to find out how we can create maximum buzz and participation at your event.

Whether you are a Shopping Mall looking for an incredible centre piece for your outlets, a brand looking to attract attention at a trade marketing show or a PR Agency wanting to create a buzz about your client's brand, we can help you with our Green screen branded photography. Our Team of photographers are the UK's green screen experts and we have delivered events for some of the biggest brands in the world.



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