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3d Street Art - Everything you need to know in 2024

Although 3d Street Art has been around for centuries, brands have been using it for the last thirty years to sell stuff. Here's a guide to everything you might possibly want to know about 3d street art and how to use it to engage with consumers successfully.
January 03 2024

3d Street Art in Liverpool Sells Out Event

The Liverpool Museum asked Street Advertising Services to create attention for the Terracotta Warriors Exhibition in Liverpool so we painted an amazing 3d Street Art picture in Liverpool One
August 28 2018

Chalk Pavement Advertising in Liverpool

Everton Football Club asked us to create some pavement adverts using temporary chalk adverts to publicise their new season tickets for 2018 and new branding
February 15 2018

College and University Open Day Marketing

Competing for Possible Student enrolment is touch and highly competitive and with limited local media resources available maybe it's time you got creative
December 07 2017

3d Street Art Case Study


Camelot’s Good Cause’s team works closely with Wire Media PR Agency to generate publicity for The National Lottery’s contribution to good causes, charities and sports funding. 2014 is the 20th anniversary of sports funding from the National Lottery and the Good Causes Team wanted to create a big splash to raise awareness of the success of British sportspeople as a result of the funding.
Wire Media and Camelot decided to highlight the funding work through the use of bespoke 3d pavement art that can create an interesting photo opportunity for Team GB athletes to pose with and that can also be used as an attraction by the public to create engagement and online sharing.
August 03 2017

Everyone should do what they do best

Experiential Marketing shouldn't be complicated but to deliver a highly effective campaign then everyone should do what they do best.
May 30 2017

The 7 Most Fatal Mistakes an Experiential Marketing Agency makes when choosing a supplier

I've worked with hundreds of marketing and PR agencies in the last eleven years whilst creating experiential marketing campaigns for the worlds biggest brands. As a supplier to agencies we have made some mistakes and we have seen lots of mistakes made by other companies too. In this article I wanted to highlight the 7 most fatal mistakes an agency makes when choosing a supplier for your next client campaign.
May 26 2017

How can 3D Street Art create free media coverage for your PR campaign?

Public relations is all about making an impact and creating a strong relationship with your audience. There are many tried and tested PR strategies out there but choosing a more innovative route can provide stronger, highly shareable content that grabs the attention of the of the local or national press.
April 12 2017

20 Outdoor Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses in 2020

If you are a small business, YOUR MARKETING SUCKS! How the hell do I know that? Because after working with thousands of small business and companies over the last eleven years and because I am a small business I can tell you that every single small businesses marketing plan is terrible! Why?
March 06 2017

Chippenham goes Wireless

Chippenham Council asked us to help publicise the launch of a free wifi scheme with Chalk Ads
January 05 2017

Someone just stole £300 from you!

First Utility wanted a media that could be highly targeted, effective and creates a response, they chose Clean Advertising and 3d Street Art
October 21 2016

The Force is strong with this one…

Dorling Kindersley create amazing books for readers of all ages. These talented publishers asked Street Advertising Services to create a spectacular Star Wars 3d pavement art picture for their fans to enjoy...
March 01 2016

Stop Tourists Riding Elephants!

World Animal Protection used Street Advertising Services to raise awareness of cruelty to elephants, add signatures to their petition and bring Thomas Cook to the table...
January 15 2016

Top 10 ‘wow’ stunts to make you rethink your PR strategy

They are risky yet effective, PR stunts can either rock your brand’s world or give you a giant pain in the neck! When done right the risks are worth it! Check out our countdown of the most recent PR stunts to make us think “heck yeah PR is cool!”
August 27 2015

Our Top Ten PR Stunts This Week

PR stunts are a great way to get your message across to the masses and to get people talking about your brand…
July 21 2015

Muslim Aid comes clean!

The streets of this London borough has an important message for a very good cause…
July 07 2015

Big! Bright! Bold!

Leave your competitors in the dark with projection advertising!
June 23 2015

The Best PR Stunts of All Time

The Public Relations Stunt! It can be risky business but if it’s done right then you can get the masses talking about your brand!
June 22 2015

Walk this way!

The Hard Rock Café have always done things differently and this time is no exception.
May 22 2015

Street Art & Adidas go hand in hand!

The streets of South London got a serious pounding last month when sportswear giants Adidas invited runners to abandon the ordinary and take on their 10k London Labyrinth maze run.
April 09 2015

If you don’t ask you can’t win!

Celador produce world class entertainment that is critically acclaimed and commercially successful, so who better to partner with than the innovative Street Advertising Services?
March 31 2015

McCann Birmingham hopes you catch their drift with Oculus Rift

McCann is the largest advertising and communications network in the world, it is an impressive integrated agency which has over 200 offices in 130 countries worldwide. McCann have created some seriously iconic campaigns such as the Milky Bar Kid and Coca-cola’s Santa.
An agency like this is always forward thinking and investing in the best ideas out there.
March 31 2015

In the words of Mr Freddie Mercury “I want to ride my bicycle! I want to ride my bike!”

The vast majority of us learn how to ride a bicycle from a young age and for many it is their first 'big' achievement as a child. I have a very clear memory of my own father teaching me how to ride a bike on the country lanes, shouting "PMA" (positive mental attitude) at me before I went head first into a bramble bush! Since then I have thankfully improved in skill and no longer find myself entangled in the British countryside, instead i'm safely cycling to work on a daily and heading up exciting cycling awareness campaigns down south!
March 24 2015

What would you do in a crisis?

When you think of the Navy and the Royal Marines your first thought might well jump to scenes of conflict...
March 20 2015

PR Stunts- Effective or a waste of money?

In what iTunes subscribers from all over the vast planes of social media described as a ‘digital violation’, the band U2 may have undone their 30 year musical legacy in one PR stunt that missed its mark by a mile. In this case U2 partnered with Apple to gift their new album to 500 million music fans, whether they liked it or not.
March 11 2015

The Art of Basketball

We recently created an exciting video for Sprite using basketball and lots of paint.... Working on a blisteringly cold December morning dressed in shorts and a singlet and covered in multi-coloured paint is something we would do for any client to make a successful online video...
January 07 2015

How to use Oculus Rift in your marketing campaign

When you think of “virtual reality”, what springs to mind? Futuristic, sci-fi films like the Matrix trilogy? Gaming nerds locked away in their bedrooms? Or marketing and advertising? Crazy headsets, role-play and all things strange may be the first things you think of, but virtual reality is making its mark on the world of marketing and transforming the way some of the world’s biggest brands are engaging with their customers.
November 13 2014

Pharmaceutical and Bio-Science Marketing Ideas

Are you looking for new ideas for product launch, trade shows or PR Stunts for Pharmaceutical, Bio Science or Medical Brands? Have you considered using 3d Street Art to communicate your message?
October 02 2014

3D Pavement Art – The New King of Experiential Marketing

The world of advertising has come a long way since the Egyptians used papyrus paper to create murals and posters. Thanks to technological advances, we’re now subjected to advertising at just about every turning. When we hop on the bus, when we scroll through our Facebook feeds, and even when we stream our music online. But because of this, customers are becoming increasingly de-sensitised by conventional advertising. Advertising can only be effective if consumers are attracted to it and engaged with it..
August 01 2014

Experiential Marketing Campaign Ideas

As we are half way through our busiest year since starting the company in 2007 we thought it would be useful to revisit some of our client's most successful campaign's to demonstrate how our services may be able to assist you achieve your marketing and sales objectives and gain attention and engagement for you or your client's brands. The first campaign we would like to look at is an experiential event focused around a piece of 3d Street Art. The artwork was created for Anglian Water to help deliver an educational message to their customers and to focus on a hard to reach segment of their audience:
July 21 2014

Welsh Council No Smoking Campaign

To create onsite attention for their No Smoking campaign, Gwyned Council asked us to create Chalk Adverts at Schools across the region
July 04 2014

Graffiti Artist For Hire

Unilever asked us to create a stunning piece of graffiti to celebrate World Peace Day. We painted a stunning piece based around our interpretation of the Peace sign and incorporating symbols of peace.
April 28 2014

HTC One Launches with 3d Street Art

HTC One launched their stunning phone last week with a huge fanfare of publicity including 3d pavement art created by Street Advertising Services
April 07 2014

3d Street Art Flies in to Bahrain

Bahrain International Airshow asked Street Advertising Services to create a piece of 3d street artwork to entertain the crowds
January 24 2014

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