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April 12 2017

Public relations is all about making an impact and creating a strong relationship with your audience. There are many tried and tested PR strategies out there but choosing a more innovative route can provide stronger, highly shareable content that grabs the attention of the of the local or national press.

Obtaining the right kind of media coverage or publicity for your campaign can be a time consuming and costly affair, and as always there are risks involved. The question is: is it possible to create a spectacle that fully engages the public on a grand scale and invites the right kind of media attention and publicity? Well first of all what is the ‘right kind’ of publicity I hear you say? Well how about we start with ‘free’ publicity, and the answer to your question is yes, yes, yes! At Street Advertising Services we like to think of ourselves as experts in making the absolute best out of our unique resources and pools of exciting new talent. We have the know how, and we are willing to share it with you.

What is 3D street art? Well, our artists create a bespoke piece of art that with the naked eye has a 7/10 wow factor. When viewed through a camera lens of it quickly sky rockets up to a 10! 3D Street Art is unique in that it almost always delivers that ‘wow factor’…looking at it with just the naked eye, 3D Street Art is just street art, but when viewed through a camera phone, iPad or video recorder it transforms into something jaw-droppingly fascinating. The public quite simply don’t expect to be so very blown away by it! You only have to type ‘reactions to 3D street art’ into Google to see some prime examples of how much the public just love this medium! The great thing about it is that we can turn it into an interactive experiential experience that has very few creative limits. The great thing is that the public want to talk to you, they want to engage with the medium and you might well end up with a line of people down the street eager to get involved!

There is one sure fire aspect of this technique which is that it creates a buzz, a buzz which travels from the location of the street art spectacle through social channels to the local media, giving you the publicity that you really want…the reason for this is simple…3D Street Art is awesome! 3D Street Art draws the public in by sparking their curiosity, it presents the client with the perfect opportunity to engage with the curious public, it gets them involved, surprises the heck out of them and unleashes unlimited user generated content potential!

Why wouldn’t the media want to get involved with that? It’s a no-brainer!

The best way to create free media coverage for your campaign, simply put, is to deliver an experience for the public that elicits an emotion. Some of the top emotions in terms of making an impact are surprise, awe and joy; 3D Street Art provides all of the aforementioned elements allowing you to be as creative as you like, providing a medium which simply sells itself and giving you the opportunity to become viral.

3D Street Art is a unique experience as each production is in itself a bespoke piece of art. It demands public interaction and is highly sharable. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all free social media platforms which can be used to give your campaign the potential to explode onto the viral scene and connect with local and sometimes even national press; your content will be genuinely interesting and quite newsworthy indeed! Due to the creativity of 3D street art the longevity of your presence in the spotlight is greatly increased. 3D Street Art is the perfect backdrop for a #selfie and these are the kind of images that people want to share and the kind that get the most online interaction. Images with that level of impact are not just deleted after a few weeks, they are collected and stored, they are pinned on Pinterest and stashed in Facebook albums, they are clipped from newspapers and prove outstanding on Google image searches.

It is not only the product which can create media interest when it comes to 3D street art; it can also be the very talented individual who has created the spectacle that thrusts your campaign further into the limelight. 3D Street Artists are not that easy to come by and it really does take a special kind of talent to produce this kind of art as it combines both creativity and mathematical ability. When you try to imagine your typical 3D street artist perhaps you would quickly conjure up images of a street wise dude showcasing his talents to a hip hop beat; in all honesty you would be absolutely right, however if you were imagining a talented mother of two who has made art her life, creating a masterpiece in a Birmingham barn, with her faithful hound on watch, whilst rocking out to Classic FM…well guess what? You would also be right! It is this kind on human interest element which could provide your campaign with those extra avenues of media interest. Free media interest that is!

In summary, using this medium is a wise investment; an investment which has a snowball effect. If used wisely, and utilising the invaluable social media element of 3D Street Art, your campaign will generate interesting newsworthy content, content that is easy to get excited about. A campaign which uses 3D street art can be tailored to suit the needs of your campaign and to target the audience which you want to get on board. It is diverse and it is unique, a PR stunt which packs a punch.