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Cool creates sharing. The latest technology used in a smart way to tell your brand story in an engaging way creates an unforgettable experience that people want to share.

We believe in the importance of blending creativity with new technology and we know how to generate instant enthusiasm for your event, brand, product or service.

We can also place your customers into almost any scene imaginable with our green screen technology, this image can be captured and shared instantly to all social media channels. With Street Advertising Services you can meet a siberian tiger using our augmented reality technology and instantly share this experience online. We can fully immerse you into a virtual world where you can meet the dinosaurs on prehistoric Earth, ride a super speed roller coaster, swim with sharks or explore an alternate universe, all with a 360 degree view. We can film you and your event from great heights with our drone (Betsy) or take an intensely detailed panoramic snapshot using GigaPixel technology.

What can new technology do for you?

  • Create an infectious talking point for everyone involved
  • Provide a genuinely fun experience that raises the spirits of everyone involved
  • Produce excited and enthusiastic clients
  • Create instant word of mouth
  • Produces highly sharable content across all social media platforms
  • Gets everyone talking about you - in a good way!

Investing in new technology and learning how to implement this technology into our campaigns is what really makes us tick! Some might call us geeks, but we prefer switched on.

If you want a tool to really engage people in your content and create genuine excitement and wonderment around your brand, product or service then get in touch with the team at Street Advertising Services!

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