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Clean Advertising (also known as Street Advertising or Reverse Graffiti) is a very effective tool for getting your message onto the streets. Very simply, we take your advert and clean it onto dirty pavements in targeted locations. Forget expensive poster sites and Billboards, they might be good for Increasing Brand Awareness but if you want to sell more of your product or grab customers attention then Clean Advertising is far more effective.

Clean Advertising - creating clean ads since 2006

Street Advertising Services have completed hundreds of Clean Advertising campaigns for all kinds of brands and companies. As the leading creator of Clean Advertising worldwide, we have delivered thousands of Clean Adverts throughout the UK. We are the most experienced Clean Advertising company and we have successfully completed Street Advertising Services for hundreds of brands and agencies from Nike, Adidas and Puma through to Saatchi, Clear Channel and others. Trust SAS with your Clean Advertising campaign.


Clean Advertising- The Results

Ask us about the ING Bank Case Study and find out how Street Advertising Services helped them sell an extra 5,300 mortgages in one week! Or ask us how we helped Sony launch their new Xperia phone with hundreds of Clean Adverts delivered across London in one night.

Clean Advertising is a proven and very cost effective form of advertising. Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out our Client testimonials for further proof.

Clean Advertising- The Process

  1. After quoting and agreeing a price, we take a brief from you with the focus on Target audience, campaign objectives and agreed locations for the Clean Advert placement. We operate anywhere in the UK but can also work globally if required and we have delivered several campaigns throughout Europe.

  2. Please note that Clean Advertising is a Guerrilla Activity carried out without advanced Council permission. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

  3. You send us the artwork in Jpeg or P.D.F format. We can advise you on the best style of artwork to use for the most effective advert, we can turn the artwork into a stencil format and create bridges and gaps etc where required.

  4. When we complete the campaign we can either place the adverts in locations requested by you or place them in highly visible locations with high footfall. We have completed over 1,000+ campaigns and thousands of adverts throughout the UK, so we are experts at locating the most effective spots for your adverts.

  5. We can re-produce the designs on most dirty surfaces but the adverts look the sharpest on paving slabs. The adverts will not show up on Block paving or Tarmac

  6. We use Commercial cleaning machines imported in from Germany, each machine costs £30,000 and can produce steam and 500 bar of pressure if required. (Some of our competitors use Karcher machines from Argos and they produce 100 bars and cold water resulting in poor adverts)

  7. Once the campaign has been completed, we take a digital photograph of each advert and produce all of the photographs in an online album for you to view and use in your Publicity shots.

  8. We create interest and attention for your clients brands and products. It is highly effective and over 68% of our client’s have returned to us for repeat campaign’s due to the success of their previous campaign.

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