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January 05 2017

Chippenham Council asked us to help publicise the launch of a free wifi scheme with Chalk Ads

£55 Billion Pounds. No, not our latest campaign budget. £55 Billion pounds. That's the latest projected cost of the HS2 project. It's expected to go fully live in 2037. So by the time people can get from Manchester to London thirty minutes faster or from London to Birmingham fifteen minutes faster nobody will be on trains anymore. Elon Musk said the projected cost for building the Hyperloop could be $5bn. You could travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes at 760 mph and it might only take ten years for this to be a reality. Meanwhile for ten times that cost and seventeen years later you might get to Brum just a little bit quicker. How F£@£%ing shortsighted is that? Is HS2 the biggest criminal waste of money since World War 1? Why am I ranting? What has this to do with Advertising? I have no idea… Wait! Oh yes, that was it, not everyone is this stupid! The smart folks at Chippenham Council in conjunction with the local BID team have created a free Wifi Network for the local public to use. Isn't that great? So people in the local area can buy and sell more services and products more easily and cheaper. doesn't that sound like a great way to spend the taxpayer's money? Investing in a network that people actually want, will use and enables a greater flow of money…..

Meanwhile, in India, the country's richest man rolls out free 4g Network to 1 Billion people. The cost? $20bn USD. Go Figure, tax dodgers.

Chippenham's smart and forward thinking leaders asked us to publicise the Free Wifi launch with chalk Advertising. The Multi-Coloured, long-lasting, adverts will work on any surface, they don't rub off with rain or wet feet and they enhance the local area. Pretty smart ay?