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March 01 2016

Dorling Kindersley create amazing books for readers of all ages. These talented publishers asked Street Advertising Services to create a spectacular Star Wars 3d pavement art picture for their fans to enjoy...

Star Wars Celebration Europe came to London in 2016 and Man, what a blast! The event was three days of fan filled fun celebrating the world of Star Wars and everything about it. Dorling Kinderley, the publishers create some amazing Star Wars books for fans of all ages and they are a huge part of the Star Wars fandom. As they were exhibiting at SWUK in London they approached us with a brief to create a spectacular Star Wars 3d art Scene that fans could interact with and would also fit into a small 3m x 2m space. Our team of UK 3d street artists came up with a scene from the latest Force Awakens movie featuring every fans favourite bad guys, Stormtroopers! Fans could have a photo taken with the artwork and in return for sharing it online with a hashtag be entered in to a competition to win a set of DK books. Well it was a a busy three days, we had thousands of fans queue up and have their photo taken at the event and DK were delighted with the results! They were so busy they ran out of books to sell and they have asked us to attend London Comic Con with the picture in October 2016.