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June 30 2014

Travelodge is an excellent 3d street art case study for how to use sidewalk art in your next experiential campaign

Street Advertising Services rently completed a day's experiential activity for Travelodge using our 3d street art. We normally create between 4-6 3d street art campaigns every month for our clients and the reason they are so popular is they are highly effective at creating engagement with consumers. The benefits of using pavment art in experiential activity doesnt just finish at enegagement they work well at several layers:

  1. It's easy to communicate a branding message
  2. They create a very natural pull and engagement with consumers which typically results in increased affection for the brand
  3. Because the artwork is so visually appealing, it begs to be shared! Social media engagement and sharing is a very big reason to use 3d art in your campaign
  4. The artwork is likely to get featured and picked up by regional and national media and press

Travelodge was an excellent example of a strong PR stunt combined with natural and popular social media engagement, combined with free press coverage. The Sun online ran the picture, Social media engagement was monitored at over 150,000 impressions in a day and over 500 people engaged with the activity on the day at Waterloo station.