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January 07 2015

We recently created an exciting video for Sprite using basketball and lots of paint.... Working on a blisteringly cold December morning dressed in shorts and a singlet and covered in multi-coloured paint is something we would do for any client to make a successful online video...

Our client, Haygarth was asked by Coca-Cola to create an exciting and authentic video that demonstrates the art of basketball. We worked with Haygarth before on another unusual and complicated project to create the World's largest shave. Over 1m people saw that video and it was picked up by lots of media:

The Worlds Largest Shave Video

This time we worked closely with all sorts of amazingly talented people including Dave Crowe the Beatboxer Guru, the London Lions Basketball team and local community players too. We mixed them up with paint and our team of artists and combined them all to create a brilliant video. The video was directed and produced by Bravespark. We helped to ensure the video was put in front of the right audience and It went online on 24th December and in spite of the Christmas distraction was watched by over 650,000 people in a week. Great Return for the client and a really fulfilling project for us to deliver on.