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October 02 2014

Are you looking for new ideas for product launch, trade shows or PR Stunts for Pharmaceutical, Bio Science or Medical Brands? Have you considered using 3d Street Art to communicate your message?

Over the last eight years we have had the pleasure of working with some of the worlds leading Pharmaceutical, medical and BioScience Companies. The briefs have varied as much as the products and locations but the link has always been to attract attention and communicate a sophisticated branding message mostly to fellow professionals within the industry but also to potential consumers and members of the public. Here a few examples of our work:

A) Product launch or rebrand: Our 3d Street Art is portable and can be used at any venue or event space. We paint our 3d artwork in advance on a vinyl or canvas and then our 3d street artists install the image at an event for Company staff to interact with.

B) Company Conferences: To tie in the theme of a conference we can create 3d art about any subject, the artwork instantly grabs attention and creates a fun and engaging backdrop for team photos

C) Trade Fairs and Expos: We have attended medical expo and tradefairs across the world with our commissioned 3d street art that can be painted live at a trade stand to draw crowds and delegates attention

D) Product Education: 3d artwork can be used to communicate the benefits or workings of a particular product and explain complex messages in simple visual terms.