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May 30 2017

Experiential Marketing shouldn't be complicated but to deliver a highly effective campaign then everyone should do what they do best.

Last year we were contacted by an Events Management and Marketing Company known as The Event Business. They are a Midlands based company with a strong history of delivering events and marketing campaigns for automotive clients. They were working with their client Jaguar Land Rover to launch a new model of SUV, the Velar. The Events Business were planning a roadshow of experiential events to introduce the new car to the public to generate interest, exposure and potential sales leads. TEB asked us to design a piece of 3d artwork that the vehicle could be parked on to showcase the model and tie it in with JLR's launch campaign. After producing over 20 variations of sketches, the final design was chosen and we went to work painting a large 8m x 4m 3d pavement art picture. The picture was required to be used at 5 different events sometimes on the same day and with thousands of people expected to walk on the picture, it needed to be non-slip, safe, easy to install on any hard surface and reusable. Once our 3d street artist had finished painting the picture in our studios, on a lay flat vinyl, we transported it to our scanning studio. Once the picture had been scanned we then took the digital image and sent it to our printers where the artowrk was replicated twice and printed on a non-slip outdoor vinyl that would resist traffic and repeated footfall. Each picture was then installed at each event and the Velar carefully parked on top. The 3d artwork showcased the Velar perfectly and created a fantastic impact at every venue across the country. When interested consumers approached the car, drawn in by the artwork we employed the lovely people at Pix Angels to take a memorable photo that was instantly shareable on social media to capture data which also led to creating a natural conversation with the brand ambassadors about the new car which ultimately led to sales leads. Through a bespoke online gallery created by PixAngels over 78% of the 500 photos taken were shared by social media. TEB's target for the events were 1500 captured sales leads and by the time the events were completed over 2000+ leads had been created, which everyone was delighted with. Overall, a great campaign for a great client which (with everyone doing what they did best) led to a great result for Jaguar Land Rover.