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December 03 2016

We have had some interesting briefs over the years but creating a flying carpet certainly ranks up there with the best of them...

We were recently contacted by a lovely client at the museum of carpets. Yes, there is a museum of carpets.( I think it would be a great book subject for Bill Bryson to visit the most obscure museums in the World but I digress)

The museum who are based in Kidderminster (of course!) asked us to create a beautiful piece of 3d art that they could take out and about to publicise the relaunch of the museum. We thought it was a wonderful idea and a wonderful brief so off we tootled and started drawing designs for the client to choose from. We hope you agree that the result was pretty awesome and… well, pretty! So if you are looking for an interesting, fun and engaging way to deliver your brand message, drop us a line and we can help you. Oh and the museum got loads of local press too which resulted in a great return on investment for the campaign and unlike most campaigns, it's reusable too

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