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December 02 2013

How many times have you tried out tips you’ve heard about getting online attention for your brand? How many times have the results disappointed you?

They said it would be easy. They said everybody would love you. They said to be yourself and your ideal audience would find you.

Honestly, they sound a bit like your mum on the first day of school.
We all know there’s a bit more to grabbing people’s attention online and winning their admiration than just “being yourself” and waiting politely to get noticed.
Here’s the Secret of Grabbing Online Attention
First, let’s quickly summarise the things that are not the secret key to attention on the internet:
• Animated images? Nope.
• Garish colours? No.
• Catchy music? No.
• Pumping out ads and social network updates that are all about you? No, please, no.
The true secret is this:
Do something real. Attract attention online by attracting it in real life.
So much is digital these days that the value, rarity and memorability of real-life experiences are much greater than they used to be.
If it’s interesting, entertaining and unusual in the real world, it’ll be just as engaging when people share it online. And they will share it. When we create 3D street art, passers-by start taking photos and sharing them online before we’ve even finished the artwork!
That’s why 3D street art is the perfect way to grab online attention for your brand. It’s different, it’s real and it’s right there under your target market’s feet. Hard to ignore that.
Street art catches people’s attention when they’re out in the real world, without the distractions of the internet. Encourage them to share the experience online, and they’ll tell their internet friends about their real-world discovery.
Ad campaigns go viral. Stories get picked up by news outlets. Hello, online attention.
How to Use 3D Street Art for Your Brand
Be unforgettable in the real world, where your audience expects it least. Location is vital — earn their attention by creating an unusual event in the path of their day-to-day routine, and they’ll take care of the rest.
3D street art can produce all kinds of spectacular effects, from ultra-realistic anamorphic floor and wall art to cool 3D graffiti or comic-book styles. What will make your target audience stop to look closer?
Unforgettable Street Art Advertising
Throughout history, street art often carried a counterculture message. From graffiti scrawled on the walls of Pompeii and ancient Rome, to the politically-inspired street art you see in a modern city, that feeling of rebellion and authenticity hasn’t gone away.
Street art is still attention-grabbing today, even though consumers are increasingly resistant to traditional forms of advertising. They may ignore mass-marketing billboards and online display ads, but the work of human hands in 3D street art gives it an undeniable impact that gets people sharing what they see.
Grab online attention for your brand by using 3d street art to tap into your audience’s natural curiosity and social sharing instincts. Contact us today to find out how we can help you seek online attention for your brand.