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ShakeShack Launches in the UK!

U.S Premium burger Chain opens their first outlet in Covent Garden and asked Street Advertising Services to help...
July 05 2013

Go Graffiti for Gold!

Our Client NeoCo were recently awarded Gold for best Social Media campaign for the Borderlands 2 game launch campaign we helped them create.
December 03 2012

Great Marketing in a Stroke

The Stroke Association Wanted to get the word out about their sponsored abseil from the gherkin building
August 25 2012

App Marketing

Got a new app being launched? Looking for ways to cut through the noise and clutter? Try Clean Advertising
June 10 2012

Read all about it!

Traditional Newspaper uses Non-traditional media to advertise...
May 10 2012

Bankers, sailing and art

Alpari announce their sponsorship of the World Match Racing Title with 3d Street Art by SAS
April 05 2012

Chalk pavement artist helps the NSPCC

As well as 3d Street Artists we can also provide the services of very talented 2d chalk artists for your advertising campaigns. One of our artists recently completed an assignment for the NSPCC. We drew a picture of a teenage girl who had been abused so her story could be told in a short film created for the NSPCC supporters magazine.
August 25 2011

Derbyshire Council’s create the word on the street… chalk!

Working with several councils in Derbyshire, we recently completed a successful Chalk Advertising Campaign across almost fifty locations. Working with the councils, we targeted buyers of alcohol for underage drinkers and delivered a bold, bright and sharp message: Do it and you could be fined £1,000!
August 05 2011

The Rise of the planet of the apes

Stop laughing, cause one day they will be in charge! To increase awareness for the new movie, The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes we drove the length of the UK, from Glasgow to Brighton creating stunning pieces of graffiti. Working with some of the best graffiti artists in the world, we set them the task of creating an original piece based on the them of 'apes getting smarter'. The results were spectacular and the client was 'ecstatic' with the campaign. In addition to the thousands of people who will pass by the six pieces, we also filmed and timelapsed the art for people to view and talk about on the web.
Pics and vids to follow of the awesome Street Graffiti Advertising Campaign.
July 01 2011

Roger Federer’s close shave with grass!

Today is the start of Wimbledon 2011. Today is also the launch of 'The World's biggest shave'. We created a huge 70 metre grass advertising picture of Roger Federers face on a rugby pitch in Wimbledon. We then added 1000 litres of shaving foam to his face and shaved him with a lawnmower. The stunt was featured in The Telegraph and the Metro Newspapers as well as on the BBC and hundreds of blogs and Social Media pages.
June 20 2011

It’s a jungle out there…

Magnum Ice Cream recently launched two new flavours under the brand Magnum Cocoa. To help publicise the launch and to increase sales throughput they asked us to create a huge piece of 3d Street Art to create some interest and entertainment for consumers. The 3d pavement art looked incredible and our team toured the country with it to show the work to consumers in Tesco's superstores whilst Brand Ambassadors ran a promotion alongside. The campaign was a great success with sales uplift in all the stores and two of them ran out of the ice cream by lunchtime! In addition to the sales increase, hundreds of consumers had their picture taken on the 3d art and uploaded their photos from their mobiles to Facebook and Twitter, creating further publicity for the brand.
Click to check out the 3d art photo
May 01 2011

Did you know Sewers are allergic to Fat, Oils and Grease?

Our client, Southern Water did a great campaign highlighting the dangers of pouring Fat, Oil and Grease down your sink. Sewers get clogged and blocked up and it creates a hell of a mess and lots of damage and expense. To get this point across they asked us to create a piece of 3d street art depicting the sewer in a blocked up state. Working with the Southern Water team, one of our artist's created a great picture down at Portsmouth Wharf Mall. Lots of VIP's attended the event and the story was featured on BBC Solent and made it into Portsmouth News and into The Metro national newspaper.
April 01 2011

3d Street Art Advertising for Colleges

After a successful 3d Street Art Advertising campaign, featuring a huge 3d bridge, here's what our client said at the end of the event:
‘The 3D advertising campaign that Wow! organised for one of our college clients went down a storm! We gained extensive local press coverage – people even came to see the 3D ‘chasm’ with the cutting in their hands; the chasm attracted lots of attention, with 284 photos being taken over the course of a week; about 1000 people visited the accompanying micro site to view the photos; a further 166 viewed them on Flickr. Over 100 people signed up to attend the college open days – a huge success!’
January 31 2011

Street Advertising delivers for The Brandon Trust

The Brandon Trust recently completed a very successful PR Campaign and we assisted by creating a brilliant and huge piece of 3d street art created by our artist to highlight the work done by The Brandon Trust who assist people with Learning difficulties and Autism. We created a huge pies of 3d advertising which The Brandon Trust used as Outdoor Advertising around Bristol City. The campaign was featured in the local papers and even made it onto HTV news! Just in pure PR value alone the Innovative Outdoor Advertising Campaign delivered a Return On Investment of over 1000%!
Here's what the Client had to say after:
Dear Kristian,
It went splendidly!
You can see some of the pictures here:!/pages/Brandon-Trust/124704572343
We had the Mayor of Bristol and Connie Fisher pose on the bridge, and coverage in the Bristol Evening Post and even on the HTV evening news, so thank you for supplying the artpiece!
Below is a quote that you can use on your publicity:
“Thank you for your professional and attentive services: the huge canvas attracted a lot of attention from local dignitaries, celebrities, and the media. We were featured in the local papers and even on HTV evening news! With your help, our cause has gained new awareness and support, and for that we thank you” Stefania Rulli-Gibbs, Communications Manager, Brandon Trust.
November 29 2010

Jameson’s the perfect drink to sip whilst watching a movie

To announce screening of some really cool cult movies, Jameson's and M and C Saatchi asked us to create some visually stunning and interactive 3d Pavement Advertising. We re-created some famous films from the movies and the pictures were taken on a road trip around Liverpool and Manchester. Lot's of public interaction, uploads to Facebook and Twitter and even more people joining the film club. Overall a great success!
November 25 2010

Street Art Advertising is hot work, hand me a beer will you….

Working with the brilliant team at Carbon Marketing, we delivered a fantastic Street Art Advertising campaign for Becks Beer in London. Working on the close collaboration between Becks beer and music, the Street artist created a vibrant and eye-catching design on the blank canvas using graffiti paint whilst listening to the Becks sponsored Phoenix band. A brilliant project, that resulted in awesome feedback around the building in Shoreditch and also delivered an incredible piece of Outdoor Advertising for Becks. Well done everyone!
Click Here for photo's and story
October 13 2010

Leading Supermarket Runs With Street Advertising Services

SAS delivered a fantastic and innovative Chalk Advertising Campaign for The Sun Newspaper and Morrisons. As part of an integrated campaign we created chalk adverts outside the front doors of almost 50 Morrisons stores in the North of England. Strong sales from the campaign have resulted in Morrisons looking to carry out the next campaign, with other brands, very soon.
October 04 2010

September Newsletter

Here's our latest newsletter with news of Aliens landing in Primrose Hill......?!!
SAS September News
September 13 2010

Our poor Advertising Vans

It's official! In the last four weeks, we have covered more miles in our four advertising vans then ever before! We have driven from Edinburgh to Southampton, a total of 4,700 miles between our poor tired operatives! We have carried out Street Advertising, Clean Advertising, 3d Pavement Advertising as well as a completely new kind of advertising which I'm not allowed to tell you about yet. We have been to every county in England, as well as parts of Wales and Scotland. In addition we have started to deliver three new types of Street Media and Advertising.
We created a campaign across the whole of the North of England for One of the Top three supermarkets. We delivered two Clean Advertising Campaigns for local Councils. We completed a Clean Advertising or 'Reverse Graffiti' Campaign in Derby for Specsavers and also a Clean Advertising Campaign in Wales for a local College to encourage new students to en roll. Our 3d pavement artists also created a huge broken kettle for a council in the North East to encourage people to recycle Electrical items.
So what do we have lined up for the rest of September and October?????
Two Field Advertising Campaigns, creating 200 square metre grass advertising logos to celebrate sponsors of a corporate event
Four Clean Advertising Campaigns from North Midlands to London to Norfolk
One Street Advertising Van campaign using our wicked new LED Screen vans to grab shoppers attention
Two 3d chalk pavement campaigns with some really exciting content
One Mystery Campaign that I'm not allowed to talk about but you will read about next week in the national press.....
Oh and a weeks holiday, phew.
September 09 2010

Whew! It might be pouring but Outdoors Advertising is Hot!

Firstly a quick apology. Hands up, we are rubbish at keeping this blog upto date! We have had such a crazy couple of months producing some really exciting and innovative outdoors Advertising that we just haven't managed to keep updating. So let me give you a quick run down of our last few weeks and then we can update the campaigns on our website as well. So, what have we been doing:
We completed a national Reverse Graffiti or Clean Advertising Campaign for one of the biggest Media Brands in the World. Creating 25-30 Clean Adverts across the streets of 10 UK Cities including Birmingham, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Northampton, Bristol.
In the same week, we also completed a Reverse Graffiti or Clean Advertising Campaign on behalf of the NHS across a further 10 cities spreading the message to give blood for National Give Blood Day.
At the same time as running round the UK creating some wicked Outdoor Advertising campaigns we also managed to deliver two brilliant 3d pavement pictures for clients Unilever and The BodyShop
Finally on top of all this activity, we still managed to deliver a really effective Bluetooth Advertising Campaign on behalf of a Leeds Shopping Mall that resulted in hundreds of flyers being delivered electronically to customers in the Mall over a week long period.
August 01 2010

SAS makes an impression on the North East!

Working for our clients Mike Lynch Advertising, we completed a highly successful 3D pavement advertising picture for English Heritage to highlight their new show opening in the North East of England. The picture was used to draw the members of the public in at live events throughout the town and city centre, where members of their team could then provide more information about the show. The client was overjoyed with the results from the campaign and has asked us to complete another campaign for them in the not to distant future.
June 10 2010

Eye-catching Autotrader Street Campaign

To announce the launch of their new iPhone APP, Autotrader asked us to complete an innovative and exciting street advertising campaign on their behalf. Using a combination of 3D pavement art, clean advertising and Bluetooth transmitters, we created an eye-catching and highly effective campaign!
May 26 2010

World Cup Fever! West India Quay 3D Pavement Art Event

West India Quay asked Street Advertising Services to create a World Cup themed 3D picture to attract residents and consumers to the local bars and restaurants. The results were nothing short of spectacular and the client was over the moon with the level of excitement the picture had created. Local press and media were also drawn to the event and the story was featured in several newspapers.
May 14 2010

Randstad recruit new candidates thanks to campaign!

Randstad used Street Advertising Services to recruit new candidates to their newly opened recruitment offices in Solihull. We laid over 25 street adverts across the town centre and within 2 hours of completing the campaign 2 new candidates walked through the office doors due to having seen the adverts. See out previous campaign for images.
May 07 2010

Opal-Telecom success at trade Fair encouraged by SAS campaign!

Opal-Telecom booked their second Street Advertising Campaign for a trade fair in Manchester. The purpose of the campaign was to direct customers to their trade stand within the hall thus capturing the customers before they became distracted by competitors once they had entered the event.
April 23 2010

Fantastic Magnum 3D Pavement Advertising!!

Unilever asked us to create a huge impactful gold safe in 3D to promote the launch of the new Magnum Gold Ice-cream, working in combination with promotional staff and other experimental activity. We delivered the experiential event outside a Tesco’s store in Romford, Essex. Consumers were both delighted and excited by the spectacular 3D image and interacted with it whilst taking pictures on their mobile phones to upload later to Facebook. The promotional staff then directed consumers to the sampling event inside the store where they could win Magnum prizes. The results and feedback from the event were fantastic!! The client has booked a further campaign for July. See our previous campaigns for images.
April 09 2010

Opal Telecom Repeat their use of Street Advertising to attract new clients

You may remember that Opal Telecom used Street Advertising at the end of last year to highlight their new Broadband offering to consumers. The campaign was a great success and resulted in a strong increase in new customers.
This year Opal Telecom were the main sponsors of the Convergence Summit held at Manchester's G-Mex Exhibition Hall. Opal asked us to create a campaign that would attract visitors to their stand and raise awareness of their sponsorship before entering the exhibition hall and being distracted by competitors offerings.
We created over 25 adverts and strategically placed them on all the entrances and on pavements leading to the hall. Opal were delighted with the campaign and even more pleased with the level of interest they received at their stand throughout the summit's duration.
March 27 2010

BMW Launch their new 5 Series with SAS!

The new 5 Series BMW was launched this week and to help publicise the launch, BMW Astle created an exhibition of Automobile art. Street Advertising Services were called in to help publicise the event. We placed over thirty Street Art Adverts throughout the area. The Evening was very successful with several pre-orders taken for the new car and members of the motoring press also in attendance.
March 15 2010

The Daily Telegraph

Check out the great Photo Gallery created by The Daily Telegraph of our 3d Pavement Advertising Work!
Thanks for the story Guys!:
3d Pavement Advertising
March 03 2010

Hyundai i20 UK Launch

Hyundai asked us to create a 3d advert to highlight the launch of their new car, the i20! The Launch was a great success and the picture was featured in the motoring press and shown to over 40 motoring correspondents.
February 28 2010

Happy New Year!

Blimey! Is it nearly Feb already?? One minute I was wearing a party hat celebrating the end of a brilliant 2009 and now here I am working on campaigns for February 2010! I'd like to wish all of our clients a happy and profitable new year! With the new year comes new and exciting campaigns and products... Coming up we have two national campaigns for two car makers. They are using Street Advertising Services innovative ideas to promote two new innovative cars! On top of that we are also in the final phases of testing some new products to offer our clients. We have a proven and highly effective product for creating new customers as well as some really eye catching and fresh ways of advertising that will make your brand or product stand out head and shoulders above your competitors. Watch this space for updates!
January 10 2010

Tom Daley dives into 3d advertising!

Olympic athlete, Tom Daley called up Street Advertising Services to help promote his participation in the Ben 10 awards. We created a huge alien vortex for Tom to use in PR photoshoots to highlight the awards. The pictures were featured in several daily newspapers including The Daily Mail and the latest edition of OK magazine.
November 09 2009

When Clean Advertising, don’t slip in the dirt…..

It has been brought to our attention that there are a couple of newcomers to the Clean Advertising marketplace. We have worked with several client's in the last two months who have been quoted exceptionally low prices for clean advertising, only to be let down at the last minute with the company failing to deliver what they had quoted on.
Street Advertising Services have been delivering Clean Advertising Campaign's since 2006. Not only were we the first professional company to deliver the media, we have since gone on to deliver over 150+ campaigns throughout the U.K and Europe.
When choosing who you are going to trust to deliver an advertising campaign for your brand or your client's brand, consider the following:
Is the supplier reputable? How long have they been trading, As a one man band, are they going to go bust..... taking your money with them?
Are you and your client insured? If someone slips on water or a hose whilst your supplier carries out your advertising, if that supplier does not have public liability insurance, who else is liable......?
How many machines and vehicles do they own, what happens if their one machine or old van breaks down, does your campaign get delivered on the day it was promised?
What happens if they cause damage to surfaces whilst carrying out a campaign?
Which clients have they worked with? Wouldn't you rather work with a supplier who has delivered campaigns for Nike, Puma, Carphone Warehouse, Tower Hamlets Council, Northumberland Police etc etc
Finally, Every single campaign on Street Advertising Services website was delivered by Street Advertising Services.
Guinness, Fox Racing and Starbucks are featured on other websites, claiming that those companies did a Clean Advertising Campaign. None of these companies have ever done a Street Advertising Campaign.
October 18 2009

I kan’t, I kan, Ikea!

September was truly mental! On top of securing and commencing several high profile campaigns, we also delivered the world's biggest 3D Pavement Advertising Campaign! To celebrate the launch of the new 2010 Ikea catalogue, Ikea asked us to produce (twenty, yes twenty!) 3D pavement drawings of Ikea room scenes. The brief was to create identical room settings taken straight from the new catalogue that the public could interact with in a fun way. We had only twenty days to deliver and with bleeding knees and swollen wrists, we managed to meet the deadline. On the 9th of September we arranged for all twenty pictures to be laid in twenty city centre locations, throughout the UK and with over one hundred promotions staff we gave away 40,000 catalogues whilst creating some real fun and excitement with the pictures. Photo's of the event ended up in Newspapers and on websites as well as hundreds of people taking pictures on their mobiles that they then uploaded to Facebook and Youtube.
September 14 2009

What’s new?

It's been two months since we last updated our blog. During the last two months we have been very busy helping our client's gain attention and increase sales of their brands and products. To give you a flavour of our activity, we have delivered lot's of campaign's including the following:
A National Clean Advertising Campaign for The Sun Newspaper
A Hard hitting Clean Advertising Campaign for Tower Hamlets Council, that was featured in the local press, the client was so pleased with the result's they are repeating the campaign
We delivered a spectacular 3D Pavement Advert at London Victoria station for Shelterbox
We worked with Yahoo to deliver and place 700 stickers throughout London
We have carried out almost a dozen Bluetooth Campaign's for our client's sending out adverts throughout the U.K
Agreed some really exciting integrated campaigns for the next few months that will combine 3D advertising, Clean Advertising, Promotional staff and Bluetooth Advertising for both public and private sector clients.
Check out our 'Previous missions' page for pictures and a few more details on some of the work we have done recently
August 18 2009

Busy, busy, busy….

Sorry, I havent updated the news in a while, we have been flat out busy delivering campaigns across the UK.
Recent clients include Etnies, The Sun Newspaper, The Conservative Party, The Tax Payers Alliance, Absolut Vodka, oh and Northumberland Police!
I'll try and add some pictures from the campaigns to bring our site upto speed. We are also in the process of having a professional, you can't bend it, gucci website built, where you can even create your own mocked up adverts online! Watch this space for further details.....
June 16 2009

New! Nike glow in the dark trainers…..

Last week, Nike opened their brand new 'design your own trainer' store in London's covent garden.
As well as a Traditional Reverse Grafitti campaign, we carried out a new type of Street Advertising for Nike to create a real buzz around the opening. We created Glow Street Advertising, the results can be seen at night but are almost invisible in the day, very exciting and very effective at creating interest for your brand.....
December 05 2008

Turn left for a Budweiser….

This week we carried out a Reverse Grafitti campaign for The Budweiser Warehouse Project in Manchester. Utilising the Budweiser adverts, we pointed their customers in the direction of the event's venue. From Canal Street through to Deansgate, customers simply followed the bottle of Bud.....
November 05 2008

The Carphone Warehouse

Here is the latest Street Advertising Campaign, completed for The Carphone Warehouse in Birmingham and Liverpool Universities. The Laptops came out really well and generated a lot of interest....
October 27 2008

Jim Says….

Check out the latest Nationwide Street Advertising Campaign with Jim Beam Bourbon across the UK....
September 22 2008

Fine Drink leaves it’s mark in Leeds

Makers Mark, an exceptional sipping whiskey recently launched in Leeds. In addition to building projections and bar and pub tastings Makers Mark asked us to carry out an unusual street advertising campaign. Highlighting the drink as a work of fine art, we created the adverts on both floors and walls, the results were fantastic. Owners of the Brand were so pleased, they have asked us to carry out a another campaign for one of their other fine drinks..... Watch this space for an update.....
September 02 2008

Evening All…..

Cheshire Police uses Clean Advertising to Tell their story
February 15 2001

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