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September 14 2009

September was truly mental! On top of securing and commencing several high profile campaigns, we also delivered the world's biggest 3D Pavement Advertising Campaign! To celebrate the launch of the new 2010 Ikea catalogue, Ikea asked us to produce (twenty, yes twenty!) 3D pavement drawings of Ikea room scenes. The brief was to create identical room settings taken straight from the new catalogue that the public could interact with in a fun way. We had only twenty days to deliver and with bleeding knees and swollen wrists, we managed to meet the deadline. On the 9th of September we arranged for all twenty pictures to be laid in twenty city centre locations, throughout the UK and with over one hundred promotions staff we gave away 40,000 catalogues whilst creating some real fun and excitement with the pictures. Photo's of the event ended up in Newspapers and on websites as well as hundreds of people taking pictures on their mobiles that they then uploaded to Facebook and Youtube.