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February 10 2001

Learn about 3d Street Art and how to use it in advertising and marketing campaigns

3d Street Art has been around since the sixteenth century. Originally created by Italian Rennaisance and French Trompe l'oeil artists to decorate the interior walls of villa's and luxury accomodation. It's only been used over the last ten years by a collection of talented artists to create advertising and media coverage for brands. The number of talented 3d artist's throughout the world number less than fifty of which only about a dozen are based here in Europe. Julian Beever, Kurt Wenner and Edgar Mueller are the most famous and most expensive too. A typical 3d pavement art picture by one of these artists cost in the region of £20,000 plus and also involves paying expenses on top. One of the artists even insists on flying first class along with his wife and children!
For the most effective way to use 3d pavement advertising, plan it out like any other campaign. Think about your campaign objectives, your target audience and the location for the event. Are you trying to increase sales, get free media coverage, create a viral online campaign or create a feelgood response from consumers? 3d Street Advertising can achieve all or some of these objectives in a way that won't blow your budget out of the ballpark.
The best time to contact us in the early stages of planning. After completing almost 200 3d campaigns throughout the UK and across the globe, we can advise and help you in all stages of the process form budgeting and quoting through to venue selection and of course content creation