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October 18 2009

It has been brought to our attention that there are a couple of newcomers to the Clean Advertising marketplace. We have worked with several client's in the last two months who have been quoted exceptionally low prices for clean advertising, only to be let down at the last minute with the company failing to deliver what they had quoted on.
Street Advertising Services have been delivering Clean Advertising Campaign's since 2006. Not only were we the first professional company to deliver the media, we have since gone on to deliver over 150+ campaigns throughout the U.K and Europe.
When choosing who you are going to trust to deliver an advertising campaign for your brand or your client's brand, consider the following:
Is the supplier reputable? How long have they been trading, As a one man band, are they going to go bust..... taking your money with them?
Are you and your client insured? If someone slips on water or a hose whilst your supplier carries out your advertising, if that supplier does not have public liability insurance, who else is liable......?
How many machines and vehicles do they own, what happens if their one machine or old van breaks down, does your campaign get delivered on the day it was promised?
What happens if they cause damage to surfaces whilst carrying out a campaign?
Which clients have they worked with? Wouldn't you rather work with a supplier who has delivered campaigns for Nike, Puma, Carphone Warehouse, Tower Hamlets Council, Northumberland Police etc etc
Finally, Every single campaign on Street Advertising Services website was delivered by Street Advertising Services.
Guinness, Fox Racing and Starbucks are featured on other websites, claiming that those companies did a Clean Advertising Campaign. None of these companies have ever done a Street Advertising Campaign.