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August 18 2009

It's been two months since we last updated our blog. During the last two months we have been very busy helping our client's gain attention and increase sales of their brands and products. To give you a flavour of our activity, we have delivered lot's of campaign's including the following:
A National Clean Advertising Campaign for The Sun Newspaper
A Hard hitting Clean Advertising Campaign for Tower Hamlets Council, that was featured in the local press, the client was so pleased with the result's they are repeating the campaign
We delivered a spectacular 3D Pavement Advert at London Victoria station for Shelterbox
We worked with Yahoo to deliver and place 700 stickers throughout London
We have carried out almost a dozen Bluetooth Campaign's for our client's sending out adverts throughout the U.K
Agreed some really exciting integrated campaigns for the next few months that will combine 3D advertising, Clean Advertising, Promotional staff and Bluetooth Advertising for both public and private sector clients.
Check out our 'Previous missions' page for pictures and a few more details on some of the work we have done recently