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PR Stunts- Effective or a waste of money?

In what iTunes subscribers from all over the vast planes of social media described as a ‘digital violation’, the band U2 may have undone their 30 year musical legacy in one PR stunt that missed its mark by a mile. In this case U2 partnered with Apple to gift their new album to 500 million music fans, whether they liked it or not.
March 11 2015

How can 3D Street Art create free media coverage for your PR campaign?

Public relations is all about making an impact and creating a strong relationship with your audience. There are many tried and tested PR strategies out there but choosing a more innovative route can provide stronger, highly shareable content that grabs the attention of the of the local or national press.
March 11 2015

The Art of Basketball

We recently created an exciting video for Sprite using basketball and lots of paint.... Working on a blisteringly cold December morning dressed in shorts and a singlet and covered in multi-coloured paint is something we would do for any client to make a successful online video...
January 07 2015

How to use Oculus Rift in your marketing campaign

When you think of “virtual reality”, what springs to mind? Futuristic, sci-fi films like the Matrix trilogy? Gaming nerds locked away in their bedrooms? Or marketing and advertising? Crazy headsets, role-play and all things strange may be the first things you think of, but virtual reality is making its mark on the world of marketing and transforming the way some of the world’s biggest brands are engaging with their customers.
November 13 2014

Pharmaceutical and Bio-Science Marketing Ideas

Are you looking for new ideas for product launch, trade shows or PR Stunts for Pharmaceutical, Bio Science or Medical Brands? Have you considered using 3d Street Art to communicate your message?
October 02 2014

3D Pavement Art – The New King of Experiential Marketing

The world of advertising has come a long way since the Egyptians used papyrus paper to create murals and posters. Thanks to technological advances, we’re now subjected to advertising at just about every turning. When we hop on the bus, when we scroll through our Facebook feeds, and even when we stream our music online. But because of this, customers are becoming increasingly de-sensitised by conventional advertising. Advertising can only be effective if consumers are attracted to it and engaged with it..
August 01 2014

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